Comparison of Storytest and ScopeMaster®

When you use StoryTest, you are enjoying a subset of the powerful analysis capabilities of ScopeMaster®.

Detailed Language Analysis StoryTest ScopeMaster®
Advanced text analysis of user stories
English Language
Italian, Spanish & Portuguese

Estimated Sizing in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points
Functional interpretation with data movements
Size Estimation in ISO standard IFPUG Function Points

Quality Assurance
Static quality analysis - 350+ tests
  • Common ambiguous phrases
  • User detection
  • Object detection
  • Functional intent detection
Major (story) defects reported
Additional advice

Test Generation
Estimate the number of functional test scenarios required
Details of the functional test scenarios

Analyse sets of up to 4000 stories
Export, analysis results, test and more
Graphical visualistions - use case models
Synchronise with Jira or Azure Devops
Pricing Free See pricing